Grab a copy of my book to equip you with a perspective on how to navigate life struggles.

"My Beautiful Rollercoaster Journey" is a memoir packaged in such a way that it equips you with a perspective on how to respond to life struggles constructively. The book is based on my personal belief that "Life is 10% what happens to you, 90% is how you respond to it." WhatsApp 072 034 5692 to order your copy for only R200.

Have Me As Your Personal Life Coach

Sometimes one needs somebody to hold their hands and journey with them to places within themselves of which they’re afraid of visiting alone. I avail myself to you to be your partner in healing, prosperity and exploring possibilities.

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The Root Of My Excellence

I use psychological interventions to foster positive attitudes towards one’s subjective life experience and individual traits to minimize pathological thoughts that may arise in a hopeless mindset, and to instill a sense of optimism toward life. I believe No one was born to just suffer, be miserable and die. Nor was someone born to just get a job.

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Book Me To Be Your Keynote Speaker

I offer captivating and transformational authentic talks. I spoke [and can speak to] to a variety of audience ranging from the educated to uneducated, unemployed youth to young professionals, youth in places of safety to professionals on top of their career ladders and what they have in common is that they all want to lead a happy, engaged and meaningful life. Some are seeking to; heal from past life experiences, find a clear direction in life, unearth who they are, develop possibility thinking, get perspective on how to respond to life’s struggles positively.

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What makes life worth living?

What holds the greatest value in life?

What makes a well-lived and fulfilled life?

  • Authentic Happiness
  • Sense of purpose and
  • Possibility thinking

My name is Kgadi the Possibilitarian, an Inspire-Spirit Speaker and Coach on Living a Happy, Engaged & Meaningful Life.

I am an inspirer of Positive Psychology and with over 7 years in transformational speaking and human capacity development, I help people transform their minds from thinking from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance. I work exclusively with people who want to heal themselves from past life experiences, have a sense of purpose in life and lead lives full of possibilities and are  ready to work on unlearning their old toxic habits & beliefs and do the Heart, Mind & Spirit work to transform their lives.


I speak and coach exclusively on the subject of  Emotional Healing, Self-Awareness and Relationship & Purpose.

My Speaking Style: Combination of storytelling with self-help approach.

My Coaching Style: Psychological approach grounded in therapeutic coaching.