For over the past 7 years in the speaking and coaching industry, starting from in front of my classmates when I was 16 to being called in to closed sessions to offer life coaching support to at-risk-youth, speaking a variety of audience and having my name synonymous with possibility and being a brand that people are fond of, I’ve never really had a blueprint of how my journey and speaker will unfold. To be where I am today, where I’m owning my craft in my own lane, it was because of knowing and understanding my space in the human capacity development space. From the word go I refused to give myself a title because I wasn’t yet sure of the type of coach/speaker I was, I refused to be a typical ‘motivational speaker’ or life coach. I’ve unearthed the type of speaker and coach I am based on my subject(called it my strength, my topic, my calling) which was influenced by my story and the target market I’m meant to serve. When I say I am an “Inspire-Spirit ” Speaker and Life coach, it speaks to me. And the brand Kgadi Mmanakana/The Possibilitarian/Kgadi the Possibilitarian was not intentionally built, my authenticity and staying in my lane and mastering my subject is what built it. People connect to authenticity. I decided to train aspiring speakers and life coaches to be thought leaders and have brands that are synonymous with who they are, just like me.

Being authentic, understanding your subject and staying in your lane is your number one thing that will set you apart as a speaker or life coach.

The learning outcomes of the training:

  1. Subject Mastery: Derivation of the subject and topics the speaker or coach will champion, and the right target audience.
  2. Honing Public Speaking Skills: Building your confidence as a speaker or coach.
  3. Speaking/Coaching Style: Derivation of speaking and coaching style that best suits you.
  4. Public Relations and Branding: Building yourself as a brand, and advertising your craft.
  5. You incorporated. Your craft as a business (basic things to take care of) and the consolidation of your craft into your speaking or coaching profile.


Thought Leaders we produce:

  • Public, Motivational, Inspirational, Keynote, and Transformational speakers.
  • Life coaches (Holistic and niches focused coaches)
  • Subject teachers (eg. personal leadership practitioners)

Training Fees

R500 once-off.

If you’d like to be any of the abovementioned and still on it, be an expert, contact me.