Kgadi Mmanakana
Business and Life Transformation Facilitator

Named/Recognized as…

  • She who took a baton from Mama Winnie Mandela by US based Speaker & Coach Larry Goodin
  • Top Matric 2013 achiever at Mahoai High
  • EveryDay Hero by the Capricorn FM Breakfast Show and was Featured on the show
    Emerging women Leader by The
  • Passionate Professional Mentoring Walk
  • Leader in the Making by The Star newspaper
  • Young Inspiring African Leader invited to form part of WEF Africa80 Book and Foundation Launch delegation
  • Legend in the Making by VUT FM and was featured as a guest speaker for the 2016 Women’ Month talk
  • Ambassador for Possibility by Brand South Africa [Play Your Part]
  • Young woman who leads Africa by She Leads Africa
  • Community builder by Thobela FM
  • Thought leader in Entrepreneurship by Alpha Gamma, a Netherlands based online publication.

Kgadi Mmanakana (fondly known as Kgadi the Possibilitarian®) is a brand synonymous with possibility, a 22 year-old passionate and dynamic woman born and bred in Ga-Matlala, Limpopo, South Africa. She is the fifth and last born in her family and the first to fill out an application form to study further after matric. She was born and bred in an abusive and violent environment that she deems “discouraging” as it gave her all the “good” reasons why she will amount to nothing in life.

A natural possibility thinker whom at the age of 14 on her way to school made a vow to herself that “I am going to make sure that whatever choice I make in my life will take me to a point that I can come back and make a change in my family. And I want to make sure that I live my life as far away as possible from my comfort zone.” It was that vow that she made when she was in Grade 8 that she became the top matric 2013 achiever obtaining 4 distinctions at her school and a definition of possibility she is today.
She is a master when it comes to recognizing a message in a mess because she has a strong conviction that for everything that happens to us, there’s a greater purpose that’s bigger than us. No kidding; Kgadi for 22 years she’s been on Earth, she has faced a lot! She knows pain, rejection, disappointment and she’s not scared anymore. She learned that life is full of nonsensical tendencies of taking you back and forth and if you don’t learn how to respond to these tendencies you’ll be lost in the process.
After learning that her life [journey] is more like a rollercoaster that enjoys going only down[from being a top student that couldn’t finish her higher learning studies, to being on the brink of suicide, to founding a strategy consulting company that left footprints in top industries], she decided to use her “dark story” to shine light in other people’ corners because she realized that in every difficulty she encountered, she didn’t only survive it all but also grew.
In an interview with She Leads Africa in 2016 when asked; “How would you like to be remembered?” she said “As a definition of possibility that inspired many to start seeing possibilities in their own lives.” She doesn’t only live to represent possibility but to also create possibilities for others.
Over and above, Kgadi is a young woman who believes no one is an accident on Earth, she believes we all have a significant role to play in completing the Source’s puzzle. And she is determined to be a wounded healer, navigator and cheerleader to other people to help live happy, engaged and meaningful lives. Her purpose in translated into her work as a Speaker, Coach and Consultant.

She has spoken to and mentored people from various walks of life; from school pupils, unemployed youth, orphaned kids, to professionals at the peak of their careers, talking emotional healing, resilience, purpose, possibility thinking and happiness.

She is an author of the book My Beautiful Rollercoaster Journey a book subtitled “Life is 10% what happens to you, 90% is how you respond to it”  which is an autobiography aimed at equipping and inspiring young people with diluted dreams due to broken backgrounds and individuals finding it difficult to navigate through life struggles ,with tools and frame of reference on how to respond to life struggles. In it Kgadi shares different scenarios in which she faced gut wrenching life struggles and how she responded to them in a constructive way and what it takes to respond to life struggles constructively (like a Possibilitarian).

She is a recognized trailblazer and leader both at local and global level, amongst others; The UK-based organization [Royal Commonwealth Society] gave her a distinction of an Associate Fellow for working to promote the values of the commonwealth citizens, and Brand South Africa listed her as an ambassador for possibility joining a select group of people recognized for making South Africa a better place to live in. She has a vast of experience in community development and the nonprofit sector as a pioneer, volunteer and an advisor to first timers in community development projects. She has volunteered/pioneered projects focused on education and skills development, women empowerment and gender equality in STEM fields, personal development and active citizenry.


She is also a trusted business advisor that helped many businesses see light of day. She founded KM-Consulting and Development Services, a strategy consulting company that helps entrepreneurs setup and launch businesses that will make them money. With just under 2 years she left footprint in more than 5 African countries, and industries such engineering, Radio, Pharmaceutical, Beauty, Health, Advertising and Television, amongst others.

She is a trained community builder, youth leader and a lifelong student on Positive Psychology and Competitive Strategy studied and continues to learn from institutions such as Regenesys Business School, McKinsey Academy, YALI, Open2Study, Harvard Business Review, Vaal University of Technology and Activate!