I believe that before a student there’s a HUMAN BEING, a human being that goes through life struggles, that need guidance and inspiration to tap into the greatness that lie within them . I enter the schooling environment to (1)take students out of their comfort zones so that they can start being serious about their lives(2 )ignite the passion within students and unlock their minds for possibilities and (3)Equip them to be tenacious and positive individuals.

Invite me for:

Post Matric Life Preparation workshop

This is a session designed for matric pupils to equip them with a GPS System that will help them navigate through the pressure that comes with the release of matric results. In this session , I take the students through the possible exam verdicts, what they mean and HOW TO RESPOND to them (results). For each verdict, “way forward options” will be shared to ensure that each student has a “what now” plan after receiving their results. This session will help in minimizing the number of post matric pupils who stay at home because of lack of info and support, whether passed or not.

The session’s theme is, “My altitude is not determined by my matric results but by my attitude after receiving them.” As a school head, you may book this session post the matric final exam or anytime before the release of the results.


1st Step of the Ladder

This is a career coaching program for students to get them start thinking of the careers they want to follow. And the ultimate goal is to help them choose careers they really want and are passionate about.

The approach we use here is “Think from a place of abundance and stay grounded in your passion and purpose”. This is a facilitated thought provoking session that will students with the zeal to win and a clear sense of direction in terms of what they want to study or venture into. They will understand themselves better and make informed choices.


Mindset Changing Talks:

My Why. My Distinctions 

This talk is based on the idea that, if a student understand why they’re at school, they’ll perform excellently. And when they do, the school’s performance bar will also go high. This talk puts an end to ” disruptive learners “, school bunkers and other behaviours that jeopardizes learners and school’s performance because after it each student will unearth their own WHYs which will inspire them to find a reason to succeed.

My recommendation is that you book this session for each Grade/class because in it I incorporated some pledges which will serve as an accountability tool for them to ensure that they make and keep their pledges. And additionally, I recommend you book me again for a followup session to check how the students have been since they pledged. As a bonus, the followup sessions come at half the price(rate) of the initial session.

Paradigm Shift

It is my strongest believe that, before a student there’s a human being with a background. And as such, you’d find that some students aren’t performing well not because they’re not ‘smart’ but because they’ve been told that they’re failures and that resulted in a strong mental limitation. This talk will help them unclearn their old toxic beliefs/habits/behaviours.


V.P.A your dream

This talk is aimed at helping students Visualize, Prayerize and Actualize their dreams. I believe within each and every person there’s a dream and a knowing of what they want in life.

This talk will inspire student to tap into their dreams and be equipped on what it takes to live their dreams,which is, to Prayerize(strong sense of self belief) and Actualize (working on it).


Customized talks

I am available for customized talks such as : •Quarterly commencement address •Get on gear (Talk with Grade 8s)

•Soldier on (Talk with grade repeaters)

•Exam preparation session